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  • South Korea South Korea
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* This product is a ‘Medical Device’ and read carefully ‘Precautions for Use’ and ‘Instructions’ before use.



* OssGen-X15 is a compound of bone grafting material (OCS-B)/(OCS-H) and bioactive peptides.

* Bioactive peptides are composed of Ossgen-X15 and hydroxyapatite-combined peptides.

* Ossgen-X15 is stably combined with bone grafting material (OCS-B)/(OCS-H) through hydroxyapatite-combined peptides.

* The bone grafting material is the bone inorganic matter extracted and refined from bovine (OCS-B) and horse (OCS-H) bones. In addition, OCS-B and OCS-H have high biocompatibility and osteoconductivity.

* Ossgen-X15 enhances cell adhesion and mineralization.


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