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Equimatrix Collagen

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Equimatrix Collagen


* This product is a ‘Medical Device’ and read carefully ‘Precautions for Use’ and ‘Instructions’ before use.

Equimatrix-Collagen is composed of granular spongy bone of equimatrix and Type I Collagen extracted and refined from porcine skin.


  • Filling bone defects with bone grafting material
  • Guided bone regeneration
  • Periodontal regeneration


  • Equimatrix-Collagen is easy to handle, so the operation time can be shortened.
  • It can be transformed into various shapes in dry condition or wet condition with blood or saline solution.
  • Collagen is extracellular matrix of bone tissues, which creates the environment favorable for bone generation and is decomposed after a certain time.
  • Formation of new bone, Space maintenance
  • It promotes bone regeneration and helps esthetic issue of soft tissues.
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Equimatrix Collagen