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* This product is a ‘Medical Device’ and read carefully ‘Precautions for Use’ and ‘Instructions’ before use.


OCS-B bone grafting material is a natural bone inorganic material extracted from bovine bone and as organic matter is removed, it has little immune rejection response and has morphologically same structure as human bone. It enhances reconstruction of bone defects greatly by smoothing promotion of bone matrix and bone calcification by osteoblast.



*For OCS-B bone grafting material, the defatting, deproteinization and removal of residual chemicals are enhanced by grinding bovine bones in the early stage of manufacturing process and increasing surface area of particles.


*Therefore OCS-B bone grafting material has high-purity bone inorganic matter and high safety at implantation in the body.


*OCS-B bone grafting material shows rapid formation of bone, and actually in clinical trials, it also shows formation of osseointegration at insertion of implant after grafting the bone grafting material.


*OCS-B bone grafting material has an excellent biocompatibility and has little foreign body reaction or inflammatory immune response at grafting, so it is well integrated with its surrounding bone tissues.


*OCS-B bone grafting material secures structural safety of organic matters by heat treatment at a proper temperature and perfect immobilization treatment of residual protein.


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