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Dr.Whitiss (with Refill)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Dr.Whitiss (with Refill)

│ Main ingredients │

Carbamide Peroxide

│ Product description │

- No More Hydrogen Peroxide!! And now, Carbamide Peroxide!!!
Make your teeth whiter by Carbamide Peroxide with a bubble of oxygen.
It is made by Seoul University medical staff for research that is taking 30years long.
Same principle using in the tooth whitening clinic is used.
Since it is brush type, very easy to use, additionally.

│ Why Dr.Whitiss? │

Professionally whiten your teeth at home with Whitening System.
This kit includes 1clickpen that use simple you can take anywhere. This Carbamide Peroxide is known to be longer lasting than Hydrogen Peroxide. The patented teeth whitening formulation enables stable creation of polymer coating layer of the gel, rapid penetration of Carbamide Peroxide, resulting rapid and effective teeth whitening.

The blantis™ Teeth Whitening System is simply the best whitener available for at home use.

│ How to use │

1. Dry your teeth completely with a tissue.
2. Gently press the button of the clickpen until a drop of gel drips out.
3. Apply a drop of the formula to each tooth with the brush of the clickpen, painting to create a shiny coating.
4. Allow the formula to dry for 1 minute. (You can eat and drink 20 minutes after applying Dr.Whitiss gel to your teeth.)

│ Volume │


│ Product configuration │

Clickpen(2g) 1ea, Refill(2g) 3ea, Mouthpiece 1ea, Shade Guide 1ea