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Dr.MyYou Mask Pack

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Dr.MyYou Skin Protecting Mask

│ Main ingredients │

1. Premium Horse Oil
- Because horse oil is similar to human sebum, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps damaged skin restore. In addition, it makes your skin healthier and moisturizing.

2. Peptide.. is called Botox that can be applied on skin, directly.
- Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is low molecular peptide that has similar function of existing botox. Therefore it is easily permeated to the skin and produces an effect on Anti-Aging.

│ Product description │

Dr.MyYou Skin Protecting Mask is high-moisturizing & nutritious mask. It contains Amino Acid & Peptide forming protein, additionally horse fat ingredients keeps oil & moisture of skin. It makes skin barrier strengthened.

1. The Golden Ratio from Natural Ceramide Horse Oil, Peptide and Natural Extract !!
2. Dr.MyYou Skin Protecting Solution (Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle - Dual Functional Cosmetic)
3. Skin Protecting Solution suggested by DR.MyYou
 1) It contains the high-purity horse oil that used in hospital specialized in ambustion helps skin barrier strengthen.
 2) It is very effective in preventing aging skin, because of Botox, Peptide added.
 3) It makes your skin brightening, healthy. Since it is made up of Niacinamide and Adenosine certified by KFDA.
 4) It is rarely contains chemical component but Natural Ingredients. Thus it is also effective to trouble or sensitive skin.

│ Suggested to │

- Dried Skin
- Very Sensitive skin
- wants Moisturizing and Sleek Skin
- Darkened skin

│ How to use │

1. After washing face, soothe skin by using toner.
2. Unfold mask and attach the mask to your face, evenly.
3. After 10~20mins, remove mask and gently pat with your palms and fingers to penetrate remaining liquid.

│ Volume │

25ml * 10ea

│ Product configuration │

Dr.MyYou Skin Protecting Mask 10ea